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Why Build Green?

Green building offers homeowners the opportunity to have a safer, healthier, energy efficient and environmentally friendly residence with the same look and feel of any other superior high-quality constructed home. A green built home is simply a better built home.

Safer. Green Built homes prevent moisture, mold and radon. Proper air sealing keep this deadly gas from migrating between the house and attached garage. Closed combustion heating and water heating systems reduce the potential for carbon monoxide pollution inside the home. Your home is safer, cleaner, and you save money.

Healthier. Green Built homes are designed to provide improved indoor air quality. This is accomplished by selection of building materials to include low chemical content and by use of mechanical ventilation systems. Childhood asthma rates have risen from 4% in 1984 to 40% in 2004. Our indoor air quality has become a potential health risk for our families, so building Greener is a healthier way to build.

Energy Efficient. Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of all Green Built homes. Reduced energy use reduces impact on family budgets by reducing monthly out-of-pocket-expenses. In addition, reduced energy use results in reduced pollution levels. Strong insulation, the use of panelized systems, and cutting edge window technology all add up to an energy efficient home.

Environmentally Friendly. Green Built homes are designed to use less material resources, reducing the impact on our environment. Limiting and reducing construction waste help reduce costs and impact of overloaded landfills. Regional and product selection reduces transportation pollution. Employing Low Impact Development (LID) practices during development and placement of the home on the lot make a big difference to our local watersheds. Finally, recycled products, green spaces, Rain Gardens, native landscaping all help improve our environment.

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